Our duplex in Kamloops was in very poor shape when we purchased it. The bathroom, in particular, required a complete teardown, including total replacement of one of the walls. I re-sheeted all the walls and ceiling, and installed a new subfloor to suit our plan for this tiny bathroom. The walls and floor were laid in a combination of cream ceramic and red quarry tiles arranged to bring interest and beauty to features such as the portal, the heating vent, and the fixtures for sink, toilet and bath. The contrasting band in the wainscoting was designed to provide a visual cue in what otherwise would be a stark white room. The materials were chosen for both looks and durability for the long haul, and installed with close attention to detail and alignment for a clean, luxurious finish.

Stainless steel tile installed as a kitchen counter & stove backsplash. The existing drywall behind the installed tile was in poor shape and unable to adequately support these tiles. It was ripped out and replaced with Hardibacker board. Tiles were placed precisely with custom fitting for the stove hood.

Erik Wool installed our 2X2 stainless steel backsplash tiles in our kitchen with care and precision. The job was challenging in that the wall area sustained considerable damage while removing the old tiles and needed repairing. Added to this, the out-of-square walls caused the replacement granite counter-top to have gaps to the walls greater than the thickness of the tiles to be applied, which meant that the tile area had to be built out to compensate for the gaps. Using innovative techniques, creative product choices and meticulous installation expertise Erik successfully installed the tiles beautifully, in a timely manner and on budget. The result is a unique, tailored backsplash that successfully blends style with commercial practicality; we couldn't be happier. We highly recommend Erik for your tiling needs.

- Swede Ewing and Debra Vanier, White Rock, BC